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Literature on the History of Central Africa
Rep. Congo Angola
First posted in April 2002, Last revised on November 2nd 2013

Prehistory (-1885) . Except for a small coastal stretch (historically part of the Kingdom of Kongo, and by 1880 claimed by Portugal as part of Angola), most of what was to become the Congo Free State was largely unknown to Europeans; in part because the Livingstone Falls made navigation upriver beyond Matadi impossible. The territory was inhabited by an ethnically heterogene population, and divided into numerous polities, among which the Luba-Lunda Kingdom (Katanga) was one of the most prominent.
In the decade prior to the establishment of the Congo Free State, Arab slave trade had an erosive impact on traditional polities; Msiri's Kingdom is an example for a polity established by a slave trader (Katanga).

Congo Free State (1885-1908) . Explorer Henry Morton Stanley, after having traversed the Congo Basin, together with King Leopold II of Belgium, established the International African Association, which established a government over the Congo Basin and in 1885 transmutated into the Congo Free State, with King Leopold II as sovereign and Stanley as its first governor. Capital Boma. A railway line was constructed around the Victoria Falls; a fleet of steamers were put on the Congo River and its tributaries. At first, ivory accounted for most of the Free State's revenue; later, rubber was to take its place.
The Congo Free State was not a colony; it had to make ends meet without a financial subsidy from the motherland. The native population was coerced to regularly deliver a 'tax' in form of a quantity of rubber. State officials were encouraged to collect as much rubber as possible, and they were given free hand in their treatment of the native population. Reports about atrocities against the native Congolese reached Europe, and a campaign against the Congo Free State (1903-1908) was launched in Europe by E.D. Morel. Commissions sent into the Congo Free State confirmed the abuses; in 1908 Belgium took over the Congo Free State, which now became the Belgian Congo (1908-1960).
Note: while numerous atrocities have been reported from the Congo Free State, the application of the term "genocide" is disputed. In a number of sources, statistical figures (a population of 20 million prior to the establishment of the Congo Free State, a population of 10 million at the time of the Belgian takeover) are used to support the usage to terms such as genocide or holocaust. In the 19th century no administration in Africa conducted a population census; population figures given in historical sources from that time are (very rough, usually exaggerated) estimates. Jan Lahmeyer, for 1890, estimates the territory of the Congo Free State to have had a population of 3.3 million (Lahmeyer, Population Statistics, D.R. Congo).

Belgian Congo (1908-1960) . Reports about atrocities ceased following the takeover. Railroads connecting Katanga with coastal ports were completed, and copper ore/copper became the country's leading export product. During World War II (when Belgium itself was occupied by the Germans) the Belgian Congo sided with the Allies and supplied valuable raw material, a.o. the uranium for the Manhattan Project.

Independence (1960-) . In 1960 the Belgian Congo was released into independence. New Congolese Prime Minister Patrice Lumumba wanted to break the hold Belgian banks and companies had on the Katanga mines and contemplated a Soviet alliance. Belgium and the U.S. supported his opponents; Lumumba was dismissed, arrested, executed. The new strongman was Mobutu Sese Seko. President since 1965, he renamed the country Zaire in 1971. He ruled until 1997 and is regarded one of the worst kleptocrats in history. He was toppled in the course of a civil war in 1997. Since, the country has seen further internal military conflicts, which at times see ethnic groups facing each other, but which are often fought over control of productive mining areas.

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