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First posted in April 2002, last revised on January 4th 2011

Estonia gained independence in 1918/1920, and at this time its modern borders were established. Before, only the northern stretches of modern Estonia were refered to as Estland (Estonia), while the south was regarded part of Livland (Livonia). From 1561 to 1712, the island of Saaremaa (Ezel, Ösel) formed a separate administrative unit.
For much of its history, Estonia has been controlled by foreign ethnicities, from 1218 to 1346 by a Danish elite, from 1346 to 1880/1918 by an ethnic German elite. This pattern was repeated during the years of Soviet occupation (1940-1941) 1944-1991, when ethnic Russians took the role traditionally held by German nobles. The bulk of the population, the Estonians, for centuries had been treated as serfs, and even after their liberation in 1816, they remained socially underprivileged, a status only ended by the Land Reform of 1919.

This page attempts to deal with the history of Estonia (within its modern borders).

Estonia since 1991

Estonia 1939-1945 . 1945-1949 . 1949-1991 . . . see also USSR

Estonia 1918-1920 . 1920-1934 . 1934-1939

Estonia Gubernia 1710-1918 . . . Livland Gubernia 1710-1918 . . . see also Russian Empire
Swedish Estonia 1561-1721 . . . Swedish Livonia 1621-1721 . . . Swedish Ösel 1645-1710 . . . see also Sweden
Estonia 1561-1721 . . . Duchy of Livonia 1561-1621 . . . Danish Øsel 1560-1645 . . . see also Sweden (Estonia), Kingdom of Poland (Livonia), Denmark (Øsel)

Livonia 1525-1561
Livonia 1346-1525

Estonia 1218-1346 . . . Livonia 1199-1346 . . . Denmark
The Eastern Baltic before the Crusades (-1199)

Historical Atlas : Estonia Page

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