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First posted on July 8th 2002, last revised on January 4th 2011

History prior to the Establishment of the Republic of Poland
The Principality of Poland emerged in the 10th century, and with the introduction of Christianity, was elevated to the Kingdom of Poland. The Piast Dynasty ruled Poland until the early 14th century. A brief period of Angevin rule was followed by the Jagiellon Dynasty (1386), under which the Kingdom of Poland and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania were first joined in Dynastic Union, and in the Union of Lublin 1569 merged to form the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (Rzeczpospolita, 1569-1795). It was a multiethnic state, its population consisting of Catholic Poles and Lithuanians, Orthodox (later Russian Rite Catholic) Belarussians and Ukrainians, as well as other groups. This commonwealth also was referred to as a Nobles' Republic; Poland-Lithuania was an elective monarchy, did not go through the phase of Absolutism; in the later 18th century the Commonwealth was partitioned by its neighbours Prussia, Austria and Russia. From 1807 to 1813 a Polish state in form of the Grand Duchy of Warsaw existed, a staunch ally of Napoleon. The Vienna Congress of 1815 implemented another Polish partition; now Congress Poland was joined with the Russian Empire in Dynastic Union; The Kingdom of Galicia and Lodomeria was one of the many lands of the Emperor of Austria; the Grand Duchy of Posen was joined in Dynastic Union with the Kingdom of Prussia. Until 1846 the Republic of Cracow was a separate state.

Republic of Poland
Following World War I the Republic of Poland was established, which included the western parts of modern Belarus and Ukraine. This Republic was again partitioned by Germany and the USSR in 1939. In 1944-1945 the Republic of Poland was recreated in a different shape. The Polish territory annexed by the USSR in 1939 (the bulk of the population being Belarussian and Ukrainian) remained Soviet territory; instead Poland was compensated by the annexation of large stretches of territory hitherto being part of Prussia / Germany. The German population of these areas was expelled; the ethnic Polish population from the Polish territory annexed by the USSR in 1939 repatriated to Poland.
In 1952 the People's Republic of Poland was proclaimed; in 1990 it was renamed Republic of Poland.

Poland since 1990 . Poland 1981-1990 . Poland 1969-1981 . Poland 1948-1969 . Poland 1945-1948 . Poland in World War II . Poland between the Wars . Poland in World War I

History of the Polish Exile

Historical Atlas, Poland Page
List of Wars, Poland Page

Students' Paper : Kim, Jae Hee, History of Polish-Russian/Soviet Relations (2009)
Students' Paper : Song, Yong-hyun, 19th Century Paris, Center of Exiles (2007)

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