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Prussia Russian Empire
First posted on September 5th 2010

The Union of Lublin 1569 merged the Kingdom of Poland and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania into the Rzeczpospolita Obijga Narodow or the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. It also included the Duchy of Livonia (which had merged with Lithuania in 1566), the Duchy of Courland, Royal Prussia (since 1466 to Poland) and the Duchy in Prussia (since 1525).
In 1621 the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealthy ceded Livonia to Sweden. In 1660 the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth renounced its sovereignty over the Duchy in Prussia (largely coinciding with the later East Prussia).
In the course of the Polish Partitions (1772, 1793 and 1795) the Polish state was annexed by its neighbours, the Russian Empire, Austria and Prussia. Napoleon temporarily restored a Polish state, the Duchy of Warsaw (1807-1813), but the Vienna Congress confirmed the Polish Partitions, leaving only the tiny Republic of Cracow (1815-1846) as an independent Polish state.
For the history of 19th century regions formerly part of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, see Livland Gubernia, Courland, Vitebsk Gubernia, Kovno Gubernia, Grodno Gubernia, Vilna Gubernia, Minsk Gubernia, Mogilev Gubernia, Volhynia Gubernia, Podolia Gubernia, Kiev Gubernia (all to the Russian Empire), Congress Poland (in dynastic union with, and dependent of the Russian Empire), Galicia (to Austria (-1866) respectively Austria-Hungary), West Prussia and Posen (Poznan), to Prussia (-1871) respectively the German Empire (1871-1918).
Also of importance : the History of the Polish Exile

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Students' Paper : Kim, Jae Hee, History of Polish-Russian/Soviet Relations (2009)

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Institutions Note : in most files listed below, "Poland" refers to the country's modern extension. The user has to be aware that these files may list items which do not belong to the historic Kingdom of Poland, and that they omit others who did belong to it and may have to be sought under "Lithuania", "Belarus", "Ukraine" etc.
Archives State Archives of Poland
Repositories of Primary Sources : Europe : Poland, from Univ. of Idaho. Mostly Archive Webpages, 43 entries
Historical Research in Europe, listing of archives; click Atlas Search, Poland, 191 entries
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Coins, Banknotes Poland, from Medieval Coinage
Search Coin Archives for Poland

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full text online
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