Lippe, 1650-1747

The dynasty was split in several lines - Lippe-Brakel (-1709), Lippe-Alverdissen (= Schaumburg-Lippe, 1644-), Lippe-Biesterfeld (1671-).
The estates fought attempts of absolute government. FRIEDRICH ADOLF (1697-1718) did not call Landtag (the estates) to asemble. The court spent more than the state revenue brought in; the county was close to bankrupcy. The estates sued the government in 1739-1746 at the Imperial court in Wetzlar, for reckless spending. The debt burden caused the government to sell the territories of Vianen and Ameiden (within the Dutch Republic) to the latter, to hand over STERNBERG to Hannover 1733-1771 as a pawn. An attempt to have the territory elevated from a county to a principality was approved by the emperor (1720), but failed to materialize as the government was unable to pay the fee.

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