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Liege Mainz
First posted on January 3rd 2002, last revised on March 14th 2008

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Trier 1729-1815
Trier 1652-1729

Country Profiles Electorate of Treves, by Thomas Höckmann
Article Kurtrier, from Wikipedia, in German
Das Kurfürstentum Trier - Seine Verfassung und Verwaltung (The Electorate of Trier, its constitution and administration), by Gudrun Schönfeld, in German
Electorate Prince-Archbishopric of Trier, from Genealogienetz
Links, on History Kategorie Geschichte Rheinland-Pfalz, from Wikipedia (G)
Historical Maps Map Kurtrier, after G. Franz, posted by Univ. Trier
Map of Trier (S. Münster), from Historic Cities
Map of Koblenz (Braun, Hiogenberg), from Historic Cities
Accounts of History
Encyclopedia Articles Articles Trier, Cochem, Ehrenbreitstein, Limburg, Coblenz, from EB 1911
Article Trier, from Catholic Encyclopedia
Articles Trier, Kochem, Eltz, Koblenz, Ehrenbreitstein, Limburg, from Meyers Konversationslexikon 1889, in German
Coblentz, p.74 in vol.2 of S. Ricard, Traite general du commerce, 1781, in French, GB
Military World War II Experiences - Good Grief, we're in Trier ! (1945) by Hans W. Vogel, posted at Military History Online
Articles Festung Ehrenbreitstein, Festung Koblenz, from Wikipedia (G)
Article Festung Ehrenbreitstein, from Wikipedia (E)
Economy Article Moselwein-Bahn, from Wikipedia (G)
Die Rettung des Moselweinbaus, by Hans Monz (G)
Religion Diocese/Archdiocese of Trier, from Catholic Hierarchy
History of Cities History of Trier, from Wikipedia (E)
History of Koblenz, from Wikipedia (E)
History of Limburg, from Wikipedia (E)
History of Institutions
Bibliography Rheinland-Pfalz, from BibScout
Rheinland, allgemein, from BibScout
Bibliographie zur Geschichte und Kultur des Weines : Kurtrier
Biographies Johann Nikolaus von Hontheim, from NNDB (E)
Caspar Olevian, from Wikipedia (G)
Petrus Omsdorf, from Historicum (G)
Others Hexenverfolgungen : Kurtrier (Witch persecutions : Electorate of Trier), posted at Server Frühe Neuzeit, in German
History of Castle Eltz
E. Lichter, Welsche Einwanderer im 17. und 18. Jahrhundert in Kurtrier und Umgebung, posted by Genealogienetz (G)
Die führenden Mitarbeiter der Trierer Kurfürsten im 18. Jahrhundert, by Gudrun Schönfeld (G)

Lists of Statesmen List of Princebishops of Trier, from Regnal Chronologies
Population Figures
Archival Deposits Nationaalarchief (NL) : Inventaris van de archieven van de Legaties bij de Opperrijnse en Nederrijnse-Westfaalse Kreitsen en bij de Keurvorsten van Keulen, Mainz, Trier, de Palts, Beieren en Hessen-Kassel, (1700) 1749-1806
Documents Witch Persecution at Trier (1580es-1590es), from Hanover Historical Texts Project
Ch.17 : De Scriptoribus Historiae Germanicae, Generalis, Archiepiscopatuum, Episcopatuum, Abbatiarum et Monasteriorum, pp.441-497 in B.G. Struve, Selecta bibliotheca historica, 1705, in Latin, GB ; a catalogue of narrative historical sources
Treves, p.66 in vol.1 of Table des trait? entre la France et les puissances ?rang?es, depuis la paix de Westphalie jusqu'?nos jours, 1802, in French, GB
List of French representatives with the Archbishop of Trier and vice versa, pp.lv-lvii in vol.38 of F. Schoell, Cours d'histoire des etats Europeens 1833, in French, GB
Archives, Musea, Libraries Moselwein-Museum Bernkastel-Kues
Museum Simeonstift Trier (G)
Museum am Dom, Trier (G)
Spielzeugmuseum Trier (G)
Karl Marx Haus, Trier, from FRiedrich Ebert-Stiftung (E)
State Symbols Coat of Arms, Archeveche-Principaute de Treves, from Heraldique Europeenne, French-language site
Coins Saurmasche Collection, Trier, Trier Mint Coins
Napoleonic Medals : Trier Coins
Numismatic Collection, click Provenance Trevir, Trevir Archbishopric
Numismata : David Ruckser, Coins of Trier

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