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First posted on May 22nd 2002, last revised on May 31st 2010

India since 2004
India 1991-2004 - The BJP Era
India 1984-1991 - Era Rajiv Gandhi
India 1966-1984 - Era Indira Gandhi
India 1947-1966 - Era Jawaharlal Nehru

Republic of India, Administrative History; Social History

Click here for the History of British India, the India under E.I.C. Rule, the Maratha Federation, the Mughal Empire

Historical Atlas, India Page , South Asia Page

Indian States & Territories : Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Andhra Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Dadra and Nagar Haveli, Daman and Diu, Goa, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, Jharkhand, Karnataka, Kerala, Lakshadweep, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Orissa, Pondicherry - see under French India, Punjab, Rajasthan, Sikkim, Tamil Nadu, Tripura, Uttaranchal, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal

Indian Historical States and Territories : Bengal, Bombay, Hyderabad, Madras, Mysore, Punjab, Travancore

Students' Paper : Ha, Sumin, Social Unrest and Urbanization in India, Indonesia and South Korea, 1940s to 1960s (2011)
Students' Paper : Lee, Dahyeon, National Historiography : Heroes and Villains in the History of India (2010)
Students' Paper : Yeon, Haram, The History of Textiles in South Asia (2009)
Students' Paper : Lee, Seung Heon, History of Transportation in South Asia (2009)

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CIA World Factbook, click for India
Library of Congress Country Study : India
Links General India Virtual Library
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India Virtual Library; List of India-related Topics, Category : India, from Wikipedia; India, from Post-Colonial Web
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Republic of India, Historical Context Overview, from Post-Colonial Web
Organizations Asiatic Society Mumbai
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Archaeological Survey of India
Historical Dictionaries The Sikh Encyclopedia
Timelines Timeline of Indian History, from BBC News
India to 1991, India 1992-2003, India since 2004, from timelines.ws
Clickable Timeline of Indian History, from kamat.com
Accounts of History Current from Wikipedia; from Itihaas, 5 chapters, from Manas, 7 chapters, from historyofindia.com; from Lonely Planet
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Politics Links Political Resources on the Net : India
Governments on the WWW : India
Category : Politics of India, from Wikipedia
General For the Record 2000 : India, from UN Human Rights System
Politics of India, from Wikipedia
Institutions History of Lok Sabha Elections, from SME Times
Political Parties, Movements List of Political Parties in India, from Wikipedia
Foreign Relations Relations between India and Russia, from Axis
India-Bangladesh Relations, from IPCS
Robie I. Samantha Roy, India-Bangladesh Water Dispute, ICE Case Studies 2002
Yuki Kawaguchi, Arunachal Pradesh Territorial Dispute between India and China ICE Case Studies 2005
Military List of Wars of British India, at this site
Wars of India 1800-1999, from ACED
Orders, Decorations and Medals of India, from ODM
India Military Guide, from Global Security
India Assessment, from SATP
CASCON Case KAS : Kashmir 1947-, by L.P. Bloomfield, L. Moulton
Lionel Baixas, Case Study : The Anti-Sikh Pogrom of October 31 to November 4, 1984, in New Delhi , from Online Encyclopedia of Mass Violence
Economy & Finances Global History of Currencies : India, by Bryan Taylor
Economic History of India, from Wikipedia
The Economic History and the Economy of India, by Thayer Watkins
India, from Technological Independence - The Asian Experience, by S. Chamarik and S. Goonatilake
National Overview India, Textile History Conference IISH, by Tirthankar Roy
India, from Showcaves, has historical mines
History of Indian Science and Technology, outline of a 20 volume publication
Origins and Growth of the Software Industry in India, by Rafiq Dossani (2005)
History of Tata Steel
A History of Diamonds in India, from De Beers; Historical Gem Cutting Regions : Gujarat, India, from Khulsey
History of Paper Technology in India, by Lalit Tiwari
Coal Mining in India : the Past, from www.coal.nic.in; Mines and Communities : India
Article Atomic Energy Commission of India, from Wikipedia
Geoffrey Jones, Managing Governments : Unilever in India and Turkey, 1950-1980 (2006)
Bas van Leeuwen, The Role of Human Capital in Endogenous Growth in India, Indonesia, and Japan 1890-2000, IEHC 2006
Mishra, Palai, Das, Social Cleavages, Multiculturalism and Emerging Space for State in India under Globalisation Regime, IEHC 2006
Company Histories : State Bank of India, Steel Authority of India, Jet Airways (India), Minerals and Metals Trading Corporation of India, Tata Iron & Steel Company, Indian Oil Corporation Ltd., Ranbaxy Laboratories, Oil and Natural Gas Commission, Air India, from Funding Universe
Global Integrity : India 2004, India 2006, India 2007
Enterprise India, from Economy Point
India Crafts First Online Information Center on India's Handicraft Legacy and Tradition
Social History India, from Crime and Society. A Comparative Criminology Tour of the World (Robert Winslow)
India : History of Philanthropy, from Philanthropy and the Third Sector in Asia and the Pacific
Ethnography Languages of India (428), from Ethnologue
Articles Official Languages of India, Languages of India, from Wikipedia
Languages and Scripts of India, from Oxford University Center for the Study of Ancient Documents and other institutions
Map of Indian Languages, from Maps of India
Minorities at Risk - India : Assamese, Bodos, Kashmiris, Mizos, Muslims, Nagas, Scheduled Tribes, Sikhs, Tripuras
Country Report : India, from U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants
South Asia, from World Cultures Encyclopedia
World Directory of Minorities and Indigenous Peoples : India
Search Encyclopedia of Death and Dying for India
Religion Article Religion in India, from Wikipedia
Indian Temples Portal, Templenet Encyclopedia
Chronology of Catholic Dioceses : India, from Kirken i Norge
Islam in India; Vedism (Brahmanism), by Aharon Daniel
Articles Parsi, Jainism, Sikh, from Wikipedia
Famous India, travel agency site offering historical information & images on Indian temples, cities, shrines etc.
India, from Jewish Virtual History Tour; India, from International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies - Cemetery Project
Sacred Groves of India - an Annotated Bibliography, by Malhotra / Gokhale / Das
History of Regions States of India, from www.statoids.com
States and Territories of the Republic of India : Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Andhra Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Dadra and Nagar Haveli, Daman and Diu, Goa, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, Jharkhand, Karnataka, Kerala, Lakshadweep, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Orissa, Pondicherry - see under French India, Punjab, Rajasthan, Sikkim, Tamil Nadu, Tripura, Uttaranchal, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal at this site
Local History History of Mumbai (Bombay), from The Mumbai Pages; History of Delhi, from Welcome to Delhi
History of Chennai (Madras), from Chennai Best, from Wikipedia
Institutions History of Broadcasting in India, from The Broadcast Archive; India's Television History, from Indian Television
Chronology of Railways in India, from Indian Railways Fan Club
India, from Airline History
India, from Structurae; Search Lighthouse Depot for India
History of University of Delhi, Article History of the University of Calcutta, Madras University : History, from Wikipedia; History of Mumbai University, from Maps of India; Article Indian Academy of Sciences, from Wikipedia
Culture Architecture of India, from Manas
Online Publications on the History of Indian Architecture, posted by ArchNet
Category Sport in India, Article India at the Olympics, Cricket in India, Field Hockey in India, from Wikipedia
Biography Indians of the Century, 100 biographies from The Times of India
Lists of Indian People, from Wikipedia
Others International Boundary Studies, search for India
Disaster History by Country : India, from Relief Web; Category Disasters in India, from Wikipedia
Alcohol and Drugs History Society : India
India Directory, from Peace Corps Online
History of Freemasonry in India, from Southern Brotherhood
Indo-Malayan Ecoregion, from WWF
Intellectual Property Rights & Biotechnology : Indian Seed Conflicts, ICE Case Studies 1997; Jennifer Crook, War in Kashmir and its Effect on the Environment, Talib N. Ellison, The Sardar Sarovar Dam and Ethnic Conflict In India, ICE Case Studies 2005, Samantha Hulkower, Kashmir: Melting Glaciers, Boiling Conflicts, ICE Case Studies 2007
History of Forests in India, from Edugreen
History of Conflict over Forests in India : A Market Based Resolution, by Arnab Kumar Hazra, 2002
History, of India Forest Service
Forest Policy Research : India; India Environment Portal
Sanderson Beck, Liberating India and Pakistan, 1934-1950

Historical Data Lists of Statesmen World Statesmen : India, by Ben Cahoon; from Rulers (B. Schemmel), from World Rulers (E. Schulz)
Lists of Ambassadors U.S. Ambassadors to India, from NNDB; Chinese Ambassadors to India, from PRC MOFA; Liste der Botschafter der Bundesrepublik Deutschland in Neu-Delhi (Indien), from Wikipedia German edition; Lista över Sveriges ambassadörer i New Dehli, from Wikipedia Swedish edition; Embajadores de Mexico en India, from Acervo Historico Diplomatico
Statistical Data Responsible Institution Census of India
Population Figures Historical Population Statistics : India, from Population Statistics, Univ. Utrecht
Population of Cities : India, from City Population
Historical Abortion Statistics, India, from Johnston's Archive
Exchange Rates Historical Exchange Rates, from Oanda, since 1990
Federal Reserve (U.S.) : Foreign Exchange Rates, Historic
Election Results from Psephos (since 1999); from IFES Election Guide (since 1998)
India Election Database, results since 1989
Election Database, from Election Commission of India, results since 1977
Documents Historical Newspapers Hemerotheques Wikipedia : List of Online Newspaper Archives : India
ICON, International Coalition on Newspapers, Newspaper Digitization Projects, scroll down for India
Selected Articles Documents for the history of India, World History Archives
Life Magazine, 1936-1972, Search for "India", search all issues; 3830 India articles, GB
Modern Newspapers links from World Newspapers, from Online Newspapers, from ABYZ News Links, from IPL
Newsreels British Pathe
Wochenschau-Archiv (in German)
Archief Beeld en Geluid : Polygoon (in Dutch)
Image Databanks Systematic Collections
Old Indian Photos
Systematic Collections
Gandhi Photos, from Digital Collection, Univ. of Hawai'i at Manoa
Heidelberger Bilddatenbank, register as guest; search for Database of G.D. Sontheimer's images from India 1950-1992
Mahatma Gandhi Photo Gallery
Balaji153, Old Photos of India (before independent)
Accidental Collections Category : Historical Images of India, from Wikimedia Commons
Oriental Collections
Items on India
India, from Images of Asia
AGSL Digital Photo Archive : Asia and Middle East
Asian Historical Architecture, a Photographic Survey
Universal Collections
Items on India
License Plates, from World License Plates, Wikipedia, from Olav's Plates
Passport, from World Passports
Airline Timetable Images : India
Medals of India, from OMSA
Archival Deposits Search National Archives (UK) for India
The U.S. and the South Asia Crisis of 1971, from National Security Archive
U.S. Intelligence and the Indian Bomb, from National Security Archive
India / Pakistan - on the Nuclear Threshold, from National Security Archive
Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken (Mofa, NL ; enter "India" in field : "Lijst samenstellen op land of regio", 11 entries; sources posted in Dutch language
India, from British Library (Guide to Sources)
Registers, Documents, Photos from Communities in Alibag, Bombay, Cochin, Nangon, Panvel, Parur, Poinad, Poona, Revdanda, Thana, at Central Archives for the History of the Jewish People, Jerusalem
Indian Council of Historical Research, Microfiche Catalogue
Constitutions, Laws The Constitution of India, official site posted by India's Parliament
List of Ratifications of International Labour Conventions by India, from ILO, 39 docs. since 1919
Internet Law Library : India
Treaties Peace Agreements Digital Collection : India-Pakistan, from United States Institute of Peace
India - Bilateral Treaties and Agreements, 1947-1975, from Ministry of External Affairs
Document Surveys British Library, Guide to Current South Asian Official Publications; scroll down for India
Document Collections Indian History Sourcebook
Documents for the history of India, from Project South Asia
Kalasampala, Survey of Manuscripts in India
Historical Maps responsible institutions Survey of India
collections WHKMLA Historical Atlas India page
Maps of India, from Maps of India, from Maps-India
Historical Maps of India by Ian Poyntz
India maps, from PCL, UTexas
Maps from the Imperial Gazetteer of India (1909-1931), posted by DSAL
Schwartzberg, Historical Atlas of South Asia, posted by DSAL
Historical and Political Maps of India 1805-1995, J. de Salas Vara del Rey
India, hindsight
India, contemporary India, from Asian Linguistic Maps
Languages of India, map by Stephen Huffman
Maps : Indic Languages from Titus
detail, hindsight
detail, contemporary Bangladesh & Bhutan, from Asian Linguistic Maps, covers Eastern India
Parliamentary Debates Hansard (British Parliament)
Parliament of India, Constituent Assembly of India, Debates 1946-1950; Lok Sabha, Debates 1996-, alternative site, in Hindi
Tour Guides, Travelogues
Residence Memoirs
Institutions Archives National Archives of India; also from Archives Wiki
A Handbook of Information, from National Archives of India
National Film Archives of India; also from Archives Wiki
Sound and Picture Archives for Research on Women, from Archives Wiki
India Office Records, from British Library; Asiatic Society (Archive, Kolkata), from Archives Wiki
Archives of Indian Labour
Musea Museums of India, from GISTNIC
Monuments Tentative List : India; World Heritage List, scroll down for India; World Heritage in Danger, scroll down for India; from UNESCO World Heritage
Libraries Libraries in India, from LibDex
National Library, India, from Archives Wiki
National Symbols Flags, Coats of Arms Flag, from FOTW : India; coat of Arms, from International Civic Heraldry
Coins, Banknotes Banknotes of India, from World Currency Museum, from Ron Wise's World Paper Money
Indian Coins, from Coin India, from Reserve Bank of India
British Indian Coins, from Wikipedia
Modern Indian Coins, from Wikipedia
Indian Coins, from World Coin Gallery

Bibliographies general Search ISBN Database
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bibliographic database
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Bibliography on Topics Relevant to Indic Civilization, from Indic Studies
Labor in South Asia, a Bibliography, from UC Berkeley Library
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Bibliography, from South Asia Coin Group
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Internet Archive
International Boundary Studies
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on India Digital Library of India
Digitial Library of Indian History Books, from Indic Studies
Buddhist ELibrary
Jain ELibrary
Tamil Electronic Library
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Online Journals full text online Search Parameters, US Army War College Quarterly 1971- for India
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Table of Contents online
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