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First posted on May 21st 2002, last revised on May 28th 2010

The Kingdom of Nepal was established in 1768. In the following years Nepal went on a policy of expansion by conquest, which caused retaliation from Qing China and in 1814 brought it in conflict with the E.I.C. (Gurkha War 1814-1815).
Nepal remained outside British India, never underwent colonial rule. During the establishment of the Republic of India and of Pakistan in 1947, Nepal maintained its independence; during the Sino-Indian War 1962 it maintained its neutrality. The monarchy was abolished in 2008.

Alternative spellings : Nepal, Nepaul, Nipal

Nepal since 1990
Nepal 1950-1990
Nepal 1910-1950
Nepal 1846-1910
Nepal 1768-1846

Historical Atlas, South Asia Page

Students' Paper : Lee, Seung Heon, History of Transportation in South Asia (2009)
Students' Paper : Yang, Eunmo, Modernization of Nepal under the Shahi Dynasty, 1951-1991

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