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Utrecht Zeeland
First posted on May 14th 2006, last revised on January 17th 2009

This webpage deals with the former county / province of Holland, since 1840 split in the two provinces of Noord and Zuid Holland.
Popularly the term is often used to describe the entire Kingdom of the Netherlands; only during the Kingdom of Holland was it officially used in that extent (1806-1810). Click here to go to the history of the Netherlands table of contents.

Timelines : Holland

Historical Atlas, Netherlands Page

Country Profiles Article Holland, North Holland, South Holland, from Wikipedia
Articles Holland, Noord Holland, Zuid Holland, from Wikipedia Dutch edition
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Categorie : Geschiedenis van Noord-Holland, Geschiedenis van Zuid-Holland, Geschiedenis van Holland, from Wikipedia Dutch edition
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Historical Dictionary
Historical Maps City Panoramas 19th Century, from Historic Maps, Amsterdam 1824
City Panoramas 1750, from Historic Maps, Amsterdam, Delft, Gouda, Haarlem, Leiden
City maps Delft 1904, Scheveningen, Den Haag 1904, Leiden 1904, Rotterdam, Scheveningen 1904, Amsterdam, 5 maps 1900-1904, Haarlem, 2 maps 1904, Den Haag 1904, from Discus Media
Map Amsterdam (Brockhaus, 14th ed.), A'dam and Environs, from Hic Leones
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Accounts of History Article Holland : History from Wikipedia
Article Graafschap Holland, Holland : Gewest Holland, Geschiedenis van West-Friesland, Geschiedenis van Zuid-Holland, Geschiedenis van Noord-Holland, from Wikipedia Dutch edition
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Articles Amsterdam, from Jewish Encyclopedia 1901-1906
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Articles Holland, Ter-Schelling, Texel, Vlieland, Wieringen, Amsterdam, Delft, Dordrecht, Edam, Enkhuizen, Gouda, Haag (Den Haag), Haarlem, Helder, Leiden, Naarden, Oudewater, Rotterdam, from Meyers Konversationslexikon 1885-1892, in German
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Politics Article Staten van Holland, Staten van Holland en Westfriesland, Raadspensionaris, from Wikipedia Dutch edition
Staten van Holland, from R. Fruin, Staatsinstellingen in Nederland, in Dutch
Economy Articles Amsterdam Stock Exchange, from Wikipedia
History of Koninklijke Hoogovens, from Corus
Edam Cheese over the Centuries, from Gestam
Religion 17th Century Conversos in Amsterdam, by Frank Logrona
On the Breestraat, an excerpt from Rembrandt's Jews, by Stephen Nadler
Diocese of Haarlem, Rotterdam, from Catholic Hierarchy
Patron Saint Index : Holland
Regions Articles Geschiedenis van West-Friesland, Waterland : Geschiedenis, Wieringen : Geschiedenis, from Wikipedia Dutch edition
Alles over de Geschiedenis van Texel, from Wadden Kiosk
Geschiedenis van Texel, from Bezoek Texel
Cities Articles History of Amsterdam, Rotterdam : History, The Hague : History, Dordrecht : History, Delft : History, Leiden : History, Gouda : History, Edam : History, Haarlem : History, Hilversum : History, Woerden : History, from Wikipedia
Article Geschiedenis van Amsterdam, Geschiedenis van Rotterdam, Delft : Geschiedenis, Den Haag : Geschiedenis, Leiden : Geschiedenis, Haarlem : Geschiedenis, Alkmaar : Geschiedenis, Egmond, from Wikipedia Dutch edition
Structures, Institutions Articles Haarlemmertrekvaart, Leidsevaart, Nordhollandsch Kanaal, North Sea Canal, Nieuwe Waterweg, from Wikipedia
Articles Leiden University, Amsterdam Stock Exchange, from Wikipedia
Structurae : Noord Holland, Zuid Holland . Nederlandse Middeleeuwse Kastelen : Noord Holland, Zuid Holland
Glass, Steel and Stone : Amsterdam, Delft, Den Haag, Rotterdam
Bibliographies Digitale Bibliografie Nederlandse Geschiedenis, Dutch language site; click on province of your choice
Others J.L. van der Gouw, Korte Geschiedenis van de Grenzen van de Provincie Zuid Holland, in Dutch

Lists of Statesmen Provinces of the Netherlands : South Holland, North Holland, from World Statesmen by Ben Cahoon
List of Grand Pensionaries, from Wikipedia
Population Figures Netherlands, Historical Population Statistics of Greater administrative Regions, from Population Statistics (Jan Lahmeyer)
Documents Nederlandsche Historische Bronnen, Deel 1 [1979], Deel 2 [1980], Deel 3 [1983], Deel 4 [1984], Deel 5 [1985], Deel 6 [1986], Deel 7 [1987], Deel 8 [1988], Deel 9 [1991], Deel 10 [1992], in Dutch, posted by DBNL
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Archives, Musea, Libraries Search ARCHIEVEN.NL combined search engine for many archives
Archief.NL, Dutch language site providing links to individual archives
Repositories of Primary Sources : Europe : Netherlands, from Univ. of Idaho. Mostly Archive Webpages, 89 entries
Historical Research in Europe, listing of archives; click Atlas Search, Nederland, 98 entries
Documentaire Informatie, from Dutch ESS (on libraries, codicology, the history of books; in Dutch)
Libraries in the Netherlands, from LibDex
History of the Netherlands National Library, from The European Library
Archieven in Noord-Holland, Archieven in Zuid-Holland, from Archieven in Nederland
Noord-Hollands Archief, Nationaal Archief (also regional archive for Zuid-Holland)
Jewish Historical Museum Amsterdam
Election Results Stembusuitslag (Election Results 2nd Chamber, by Province, since 1850, in Dutch)
State Symbols Flag of Noord Holland, of Zuid Holland, from FOTW
Coat of Arms of Zuid Holland, Noord Holland, from FOTW
Coins Search Coin Archives for Holland

Online Libraries
General Accounts
Local History H. Brugmans, Geschiedenis van Amsterdam, 6 volumes, Utrecht : Spectrum 1972-1973, in Dutch [G]
Specific Topics Thimo de Nijs, Food Provision and Food Retailing in The Hague, 1914-1930, pp.65-87 in : Frank Trentmann (ed.), Food and Conflict in Europe in the Age of the Two World Wars, Basingstoke : Palgrave MacMillan 2006, KMLA Lib. Call Sign 940.31 T795f

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