History of Northern Africa Ifni 1957-1969

Ifni 1934-1957

In the Spanish Moroccan Treaty of 1860, Morocco confirmed the Spanish claim on Santa Cruz de la Mer Pequena, a 15th-16th century Canary Islands outpost in continental Africa; however, both sides for many years did not agree on the location. Spain unilaterally fixed it at Ifni in 1883; when Spain and France proceded to partition Morocco in 1912, Ifni and environs were allocated to Spain.
Only in 1934 did Spain proceed to occupy Ifni. The territory of Ifni was administrated as part of the Spanish Sahara. In 1941 the issuance of postage stamps for Ifni was begun.
When Morocco was released into independence in 1956, the country demanded Spain to cede Ifni; Spain argued that Ifni, being part of the Spanish Sahara, would not be affected by Moroccan independence.

DOCUMENTS Flag of Ifni-Sahara Maritime Province 1946-1975, from FOTW
Governors of Ifni, from World Statesmen
Historical Urban Population Statistics : Morocco, from Population Statistics posted by Jan Lahmeyer; scroll down for Ifni

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