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Burma Thailand
First posted on January 10th 2010

Country Profiles Article : Lanna, from Wikipedia
Chiang Rai Guide by Joel John Barlow
Links, on History
Portals Southeast Asian Archaeology Newsblog
Historical Maps Map of Lan Na, by Walter Davison
Timelines Search Google News Archive for Chiang Mai, Lanna
Accounts of History Article : Lanna, from Wikipedia
Northern Thailand : A Brief History, from Thai Focus
The History of Lanns, from Tourism Chiangmai
Specific Periods History of Lanna : Ancient Immigrations, Ancient Royals, Forging a Successful Buffer State, Cultural Alignment, Royal Succession and International Position, Decline, The Emerald Buddha, Burmese Rule and Other Foreign Influence, Khon Muang, Absorption into Siam, from Chiang Rai Guide, jy Joel John Barlow
Encyclopedia Articles
Administrative History
Economy & Finances Walter Davison, Textiles in Mae Chem
Ethnography, Social History Tribal Groups of Lanna, from Chiang Rai Guide
Kwanchewan Buadaeng, Khuba Movements and the Karen in Northern Thailand: Negotiating Sacred Space and Identity
Local History Article : Chiang Mai : History, from Wikipedia
History of Chiang Mai, by J.C. Shaw
History of Chiangmai, from 1 Stop Chiangmai
Culture Lanna Arts & Culture, from Thai Celadon
Bibliographies Search ISBN Database for Lanna, Chiangmai
Search RHS Bibliography for Lanna, Chiangmai
Others J. Manosroi, A. Manosroi and U. Rungruangsri, Translation of Lanna Medicinal Plant Recipes for Research and Development of Modern Pharmaceuticals and the Understanding of Lanna Thai Cultures / Histories, from Thai Science / CMU Journal 2006

Lists of Statesmen Kings of Lanna, from Chiang Rai Guide
Lanna, from World Statesmen
Population Figures
Archives, Musea, Libraries Chiang Rai Museums and historical Places, from Chiang Rai Guide
Weeraphan Shinawatra, The cultural landscape associated with the old town of Chiang Saen : the interpretation and conservation of a forgotten heritage, thesis 2007
National Symbols
Coins, Banknotes

Online Libraries Gutenberg Library Online, Internet Archive
Persee (French search engine)
Silpakorn University, Thapra Digital Library (Thai language site); Rare Books features an online library of Thai books; Thesis Online a library of mainly Thai language theses
Online Journals Archipel, use Persee (French search engine)
BTLV 1853-1908, 1950-2009
Moussons. Recherche en sciences humaines sur l'Asie du Sud-Est
On Southeast Asia Nicholas Tarling, The Cambridge History of Southeast Asia, 4 vol.s, Cambridge : UP (1992) 1999, KMLA Lib.Sign. 959 T188c
On Thailand David K. Wyatt, Thailand - A Short History, New Haven : Yale Univ. Press (1982) 1986
Encyclopaedia Britannica, 15th edition, Macropaedia, Vol.27, pp.769-779 Article Southeast Asia : Thailand KMLA Lib.Sign. R 032 B862h v.27
W.A.R. Wood, A History of Siam (1924), posted on Internet Archive
K. Sinlapakon, Religious intercourse between Ceylon and Siam in the eighteenth century (1908), vol.1, vol.2, posted on Internet Archive
J.B. Pallegoix, Description du Royaume Thai ou Siam: comprenant la topographie, histoire naturelle, moeurs .. (1854) in French. posted on Internet Archive
G.B. Bacon, Siam, the land of the white elephant, as it was and is (1892), posted on Internet Archive
General Accounts
Specific Topics
Historical Atlasses Jan M. Pluvier, Historical Atlas of Southeast Asia, Leiden : Brill 1995 [G]
Yearbook Entries

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