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Literature on the History of South East Asia
Vietnam North Vietnam
First posted on December 20th 2004, last revised on December 14th 2013

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For the time before 1802, see Champa, Cochinchina, Annam
For 1802-1859/1885, see Cochinchina, Vietnam 1802-1885
For 1859/1885-1954, see French Cochinchina 1859-1954, French Annam 1885-1954, French Indochina 1887-1954
For since 1975, see History of Vietnam
see also History of Mainland Southeast Asia

For the country's earlier history, see French Annam, French Cochinchina, French Indochina
1954-1963 . 1963-1975
For the country's later history, see History of Vietnam

The Creation of the Republic of Vietnam at the Geneva Conference of 1954, the partition of French Indochina into 4 independent states - Laos, Cambodia, a State of Vietnam (i.e. South Vietnam) and the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (Communist North Vietnam) was decided. Vietnam was partitioned at the 17th degree northern latitude.
Foreign Policy . In 1954 SEATO extended the States of Cambodia and Laos and the free territory under the jurisdiction of the State of Vietnam into the area where SEATO responsibilities might apply; but SEATO never interfered in the Indochina Wars, because SEATO interference required unaminity which was never reached.
The Republic of Vietnam maintained diplomatic relations with Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, the Republic of China (Taiwan), France, the FR Germany, Italy, the Ivory Coast, Japan, the Republic of Korea, Laos, Madagascar, the Federation of Malaya, Mali, Morocco, the Netherlands, the Philippines, Senegal, Spain, Thailand, Tunisia, the United Kingdom and the U.S.A. (StYB 1960-61 p.1569).
Administration . In 1955 the State of Vietnam became the Republic of Vietnam, capital Saigon. Emperor Bao Dai was deposed in a 1955 referendum. Following the election of 1955, Ngo Dinh Diem assumed the presidency. A constitution was promulgated in 1956. All-Vietnamese elections, scheduled for 1956 by the Geneva Accords, were not held. A coup attempt in 1960 failed; in 1962 an air force pilot dropped bombs on the presidential palace. In a 1963 coup, finally, President Diem was ousted and assassinated.
Domestic Policies . President Diem was a nepotist and favoured Catholicism over Buddhism. Catholics were treated preferentially when it came to hiring for the state service, promotions; Catholics were exempted from a form of corvee labour the government imposed on its citizens. In 1963, Buddhist monk expressed his protest against the government's religious policy by setting himself on fire. This case of self-immolation made headlines the world over. President Diem's Catholicism affected policies and legislation; brothels and opium dens were closed, divorce and abortion made illegal (Wikipedia : Diem). The country's ethnic Chinese minority, the Hoa, werre compelled to vietnamize their names.
President Diem was anti-Communist; real and perceived Communists were exposed to arrest, torture and even execution; the number of victims of politically motivated killings by the government is estimated at 50,000 (Wikipedia : Diem).
President Diem undid a land reformimplemented by the Vietminh during the war against the French, and in 1956 reluctantly had a law passed which limited the amount of land an individual could own, freeing land to be distributed to peasants. Land owned by the Catholic Church was exempted. Only 13 % of the land in Vietnam was redistributed; the peasants complained about the high costs of the land offered in the process.
President Diem ordered the inhabitants of the Central Highlands to be resettled in strategic hamlets (1961ff).
Civil War . When the all-Vietnamese elections scheduled for 1956 were not held in South Vietnam, the country's Communists vowed to take up violent resistance. In 1960 the National Front for the Liberation of South Vietnam was established (supported by the North).
The Economy . In 1955 the Republic of Vietnam introduced the (South) Vietnamese Dong, replacing the Indochina Piaster; banknotes were issued by the National Bank of Vietnam (South).
In 1954, South Vietnam produced 2.3 million metric tons of rice, in 1963 5.2 million metric tons (IHS p.203).
Social History . In 1959 the population of the Republic of Vietnam was estimated at 13.8 million, including 126,000 Chinese, 231,000 Cambodians and 12,000 French (StYB 1961-62 p.1565).
Cultural History . South Vietnamese athletes participated in the Summer Olympics in Melbourne 1956 and Rome 1960.

Administration . On Nov. 2nd 1963 President Diem was ousted in a military coup d'etat. A Revolutionary Military Committee took over, on August 27th replaced by a Provisional Leadership Committee. Elections were held in 1964. Until June 14th 1965, the leaders changed frequently; from 1965 to 1975 Nguyen Van Thieu held the position of Chairman of the Provisional (since 1968 National) Leadership Committee. A new, specifically anti-Communist constitution was adopted in 1967.
In 1969 the South Vietnamese Communists established the Provisional Revolutionary Government of the Republic of Vietnam.
Foreign Policy and Vietnam War . The Republic of Vietnam increasingly depended on U.S. financial, technical and military aid. From 1964 onward the Vietnam War escalated; North Vietnam was actively involved the rebellion of South Vietnamese communists; Cambodia pursued a policy benevolent to the rebels and in 1963 cut diplomatic relations with South Vietnam. The USSR, the PR China and the Communist bloc supported the North and the rebels in the South. In 1968 the Communists temporarily managed to get fighters on the roof of the U.S. embassy.
In the Vietnam War, on the side of the Republic of Vietnam soldiers from the U.S., Australia (1962-1973), New Zealand (1962-1973), the Republic of Korea (1964-1973), the Philippines and Thailand (1965-1971) fought. Negotiations between the U.S. and the P.R. China, beginning in 1971, began a process of deescalation. The Paris Peace Accords of 1973 between the Republic of Vietnam (the South), the U.S., the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (the North) and the Provisional Revolutionary Government of South Vietnam (Communists) resulted in a truce which permitted the U.S. and other western nations to withdraw their troops. In 1975 the Republic of Vietnam fell in a quick campaign (Operation Ho Chi Minh).
Vietnam maintained diplomatic relationd with Australia, Belgium, the FR Germany, Italy, the Ivory Coast, Japan, the Republic of Korea, Laos, Luxemburg, Malaysia, Morocco, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, the Philippines, Senegal, Sweden, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, the U.K. and the U.S. (StYB 1970-1971 p.1478).
The Economy . In 1963, South Vietnam produced 5.3 million metric tons of rice, in 1973 7.0 million metric tons (IHS p.203).
The extensive usage of the defoliant Agent Orange by the U.S. airforce did not only have the immediate effect of making troop movements on the ground visible, but left large tracts of land intoxicated and thus unfit for rice cultivation.
Social History . The population of South Vietnam, for 1965, was estimated at 15.1 million, including 677,000 Montagnards and 454,000 Cambodians. In these figures, Vietnam's minority of ethnic Chinese, the Hoa, was included in the Vietnamese population. There were c.800,000 refugees from the North in the country (StYB 1970-1971 p.1475).
The war produced internal displacement. Jan Lahmeyer gives the population of the agglomeration of Saigon for 1960 as 1.1 million, for 1968 as 1.25 million, for 1970 as 2 million and for 1973 as 1.76 million.
An estimated 250,000 South Vietnamese soldiers were killed during the Vietnam War; the number of South Vietnamese civilian dead, due to the war, is estimated at 2 million.
Cultural History . In 1965 television broadcasting began in South Vietnam. South Vietnamese athletes participated in the Summer Olympics in Tokyo 1964, Mexico City 1968 and Munich 1972.

Historical Atlas : Vietnam Page

Students' Paper : Son, Bo Kyung, The History of Persecution of the Buddhist Faith (2011)
Students' Paper : Kim, Youngmin, The South Vietnamese Economy During the Vietnam War, 1954-1975

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