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Spain Açores
First posted on March 23rd 2002, last revised on March 6th 2010

In the 9th century the County of Portucale was part of the Kingdom of Leon. As the Kingdom of Galicia and Portugal briefly independent 1065-1072, then again subject to Leon / Galicia until 1139 when Portugal became independent and was elevated to a kingdom. Portugal participated in the Reconquista; the Algarve was conquered by 1250.
A Portuguese expedition across the sea to North Africa ended with the conquest of Ceuta in 1415; it was to mark the beginning of the Portuguese Era of Discovery and the establishment of the Portuguese Colonial Empire. The Cape of Good Hope was reached in 1482, the Treaty of Tordesillas signed in 1494, Vasco da Gama reached India in 1498, Pero Alvaro Cabral discovered Brazil in 1500, Goa was conquered in 1510, Malacca in 1511, Canton (Ming China) reached in 1513, the Treaty of Zaragoza signed in 1525, Japan reached in the 1540s.
In 1580 Spain and Portugal were joined in dynastic union. In 1602 the Dutch-Portuguese War began (until 1661), in the course of which the Dutch conquered much of the Portuguese Colonial Empire. In 1640 Portugal regained her independence from Spain under the Bragança Dynasty. From the 1600s onward, Portugal was the junior partner in the Anglo-Portuguese Alliance.
In 1910 Portugal became a republic. From the 1920es to 1974 Portugal was a military dictatorship. Economically backward, Portugal under the dictators attempted to hold on to what was left of her Colonial Empire (Angola, Moçambique, Sao Tome and Principe, Portuguese Guinea, the Cape Verde Islands, Macau and East Timor). In 1974 the Velvet Revolution toppled the dictatorial regime, took steps toward the dissolution of the colonial empire, reintroduced democracy, pursued a policy of economic reform and applied for membvership in the EU (Portugal joined in 1986).

Portugal since 1974 . Portugal 1949-1974 . Portugal 1945-1949 . Portugal 1939-1945 . Portugal 1926-1939 . Portugal 1918-1926 . Portugal 1910-1918 . Portugal 1889-1910 . Portugal 1851-1889 . Portugal 1814-1851 . Portugal 1807-1814 . Portugal 1789-1807 . Portugal 1640-1700 . Portugal 1640-1700 . Portugal 1485-1580 . Portugal 1097-1385

Portuguese Regions : Açores, Madeira

Former Portuguese Colonies : Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde Islands, East Timor, Hormuz, Macau, Malacca, Moçambique, Portuguese Gold Coast, Portuguese Guinea, Portuguese India, Sao Tome and Principe

Historical Atlas, Portugal Page

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Museu Nacional de Etnologia
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