Benjamin Disraeli as Depicted in Contemporary Cartoons and in Modern Cinematography

Korean Minjok Leadership Academy

Table of Contents

May 30th 2008
May 30th 2008

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Your table of contents is organized by periods in Disraeli's Life. You may divide your paoer in 3 sections : (1) general biography, (2) Selected Cartoons plus explanation, (3) a synopsis of the miniseries, and a comment (exagerrations, omissions, flaws), (4) conclusion

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Your references are partially incomplete (place of publication missing), partially - for me - illegible, partially very sloppy. Throw out the Vile Victorians, a comic book on history for prepubertarian teenagers
In your reference list you have many biographical sources; the remainder is simply determined by what you found in our library.
List my UK index page
Kenneth J. Panton, Keith A. Cowlard, Historical Dictionary of the United Kingdom, Vol.1 : England and the UK, Lanham : Scarecrow 1997; KMLA Lib. Call Sign R 941.003 P198h v.1 - very important as this book has an extensive bibliographic section. For the next update of your bibliography I expect you to have gone through this section.
Roger Ellis, Who's Who in Victorian Britain 1851-1901, Mechanicsburg (1997) Stackpole 2001 [G]
Chris Cook, The Longman Companion to Britain in the 19th Century, 1815-1914, London : Longman 1999; KMLA Lib.Sign. 941.081 C771t
List the Punch magazine volumes you consider using, and the BBC miniseries, as primary sources. Check here