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Gubernia Minsk
First posted on February 14th 2008, last revised on July 26th 2010

History and Administrative Division . The territory of the Government of Volhynia was part of the Kingdom of Poland-Lithuania until it was annexed by the Russian Empire in the Second Polish Partition 1793 and in the Third Polish Partition 1795. It was an administrative unit (government, gubernia) of the Russian Empire until the Russian Revolution, following which it was partitioned by Ukraine, Belarus and Poland; since 1945 most of its territory is Ukrainian, some parts on northern Volhynia Belarussian.
Volhynia Gubernia bordered on Congress Poland in the west, on Galicia (Austria-Hungary, on Podolia Gubernia in the south, on Kiev Gubernia in the east, on Minsk and Grodno Gubernia in the north.
Volhynia Gubernia was divided in 12 Uyezds : Dubno, Kovel, Kremenets, Lutsk, Novgorod Volynsk, Ostrog, Ovruch, Rovno, Saslavl, Zhitomir, Staro-Konstantinov, Vladimir-Volynsk.
The Zemstvo Constitution was only introduced in 1911; Zemstvo institutions were dominated by the nobility, and abolished in the course of the Russian Revolution.

Population . The population was 1,213,000 in 1810, 1,412,900 in 1840, 1,643,300 in 1867, 2,196,000 in 1885, 4,241,800 in 1915 (Lahmeyer). The area was affected by Napoleon's invasion of Russia 1812-1813 and by the Polish rebellions of 1830-1831 and 1863-1864. The population consisted of Ukrainians, Poles, Russians, Belarussians,Jews, Lithuanians, Germans and Tatars; by religion of Russian Orthodox Christians, of Roman Catholics and of Jews. Poles dominated the Volhynian nobility and the Volhynian cities, which also had a strong Jewish element.

Economy . In 1884, 37.5 % of the area was farmland, 32 % covered by forest, 18.5 % pastorage. Main agricultural products were grain, potatoes, lentals. In 1884, 806 factories with a combined workforce of 10,118 workers were counted (Meyer). Timber was exported. Forest products (pitch, tar etc.) were produced, coal and lignite mined (EB 1911).

Culture . The Julian Calendar was reintroduced in 1800.

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