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Literature on the History of East Africa
First posted on September 26th 2007, last revised on November 12th 2013

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For the country's earlier history, see Tanganyika before 1815 , Tanganyika 1815-1886 , History of the Swahili Coast
For the country's later history, see Tanganyika 1920-1964, Tanzania, since 1964

German East Africa, 1885-1916/19
Tanganyika as a geographical and political entity did not take shape before the period of High Imperialism; its name only came into use after the bulk of German East Africa was transferred to Britain as a mandate by the League of Nations in 1920. What is referred to here therefore is the history of the region that was to become Tanganyika.

German Carl Peters had secured treaties with tribal leaders on East Africa's coast, providing the German government with legitimation to negotiate with Britain over spheres of interest in East Africa. In the treaty of 1886, Germany renounced its claims on the Witu Area (on Kenya's coast, north of Mombasa) and on Uganda, and Britain recognized Germany's claim to what was to become German East Africa. In another treaty of 1890, Germany accepted the British claim to the islands of Zanzibar and Pemba for Britain ceding the much smaller island of Heligoland, off Germany's coast in the North Sea. The Germans bought off the Sultan of Zanzibar's rights to the Tanganyikan coast for USD 800,000.
The German East Africa Company (founded 1887, succeeded by the German government in 1891) established Bagamoyo as their colony's capital, soon moving it to Daressalaam. The colony was called Deutsch-Ostafrika (German East Africa). The colony's borders had been established in treaties with Britain (British East Africa (consisting of Kenya, Uganda) and Northern Rhodesia), with the Congo Free State (since 1908 Belgian Congo) and Portugal (Moçambique); interests of the indigenous people were disregarded. From the coast, the Germans penetrated the country and established their rule. The currency was 1 Rupia = 64 Pesa.
The Germans established an infrastructure - roads, railway lines, hospitals, schools (Swahili being the language of education). Slavery was effectively suppressed, and a plantation economy introduced, based on sisal, cotton and rubber, coffee, sesame, copra, peanuts. In 1905, a new currency was introduced, 1 Rupia = 100 Heller.
The establishment of German rule did not occur without African resistance : the Abushiri-Rising in the Bagamoyo region had to be overcome in 1889-1891, the Hehe-Rising in the central region in 1891-1898, the large-scale Maji Maji-Rising in the south in 1905-1907.
By developing the country's infrastructure and by establishing a new capital at Daressalaam, the traditional Arab and Islamic dominance of the coastal region was greatly diminished. Christian missionaries, both protestant and catholic, entered the country, establishing christian communities. The introduction of Swahili as the language of administration and education also favoured the spread of Islam.
When World War I broke out in 1914, German East Africa was the only German colony not to fall to enemy forces within a matter of months. The island of Mafia was occupied by the British Navy in 1914; German military commander, Colonel Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck was able to hold the colony's northern border to Kenya until 1916. When British and South African forces finally managed to penetrate the German lines, von Lettow-Vorbeck switched to a guerilla strategy. He reinforced his troops by conscripting native soldiers, the so-called Askaris. Constantly on the move and partially operating in British Northern Rhodesia and Portuguese Moçambique, he held out until the end of the war, tying enemy forces up in Africa which thus could not be employed on the European front.
In the Treaty of Versailles 1919, Germany had to cede all her colonies. The League of Nations in 1920 awarded the bulk of German East Africa, to be called Tanganyika, as a mandate to Britain, Ruanda-Urundi to Belgium and the southeastern coastal city of Kionga to Portugal (Moçambique).

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Article German East Africa, from Wikipedia
H. Schumacher, Deutsch-Ostafrika : Geographie und Geschichte, in German [text from Deutsches Kolonial-Lexikon 1920 pp.357-407]
Historical Deutsch-Ostafrika, from Jaduland, from Ritter, Länder- und Völkerkunde 1904, in German, detailed population statistics etc.
Deutsch-Ostafrika by A. Teue, from Jaduland, Text from 1887 in German
Comite de l'Afrique française, Les Colonies allemandes d'Afrique d'après les rapports consulaires anglais 1916, Gallica
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East Africa Living Encyclopedia
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Accounts of History Current The History of Tanzania : Colonial Period, from United Republic of Tanzania
Deutsch-Ostafrika 1885-1890 : Auf dem Weg vom Schutzbriefsystem zur Reichskolonialverwaltung. Ein Beitrag zur Verfassungsgeschichte der Deutschen Kolonien, by Klaus Richter German East Africa 1885-1890 : from the system of protection promising treaties to German colonial administration. A contribution to the constitutional history of German colonies.
Deutsch-Ostafrika : Referat über die Deutsche Kolonialpolitik am Beispiel Deutsch Ostafrikas, high school student assignment, in German
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Military The German East Africa Campaign 1914-1918, from South African Military History Society
Die grossen Aufstände in Deutsch-Südwestafrika und Deutsch-Ostafrika 1904-1907, by Hauke Haien (in German, scholarly essay)
Map : Maji-Maji Rebellion in German East Africa 1905-1906, from Historical Atlas of the Twentieth Century by Matthew White
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Blockading German East Africa 1915-1916, from Semaphore
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Economy & Finances see under Tanzania
Article German East Africa Company, from Wikipedia
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Social History see under Tanzania
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Category Languages of Tanzania, from Wikipedia
Art and Life in Africa : Tanzania
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Religion see under Tanzania
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Biographies Image of Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck, from 2000 Jahre Chronik
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Environmental History
Others The so-called Heligoland-Zanzibar Treaty of 1890, from Deutsche Schutzgebiete
Past, Present and Future (files on Tanzanian history during German colonial rule) posted by Dr. Kudrati
The Press of German East Africa 1890-1916, by Martin Sturmer
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